Over the last couple years, I've installed a lot of parts on my car, and I've documented a few of the more interesting ones here. There are other short installation notes throughout the pages, but here are a few of the more complex efforts.

Installation of Arizona Speed and Marine headers, and Random Technology y-pipe

Power Steering Cooler installation, and fluid flush.

Rear Axle Installation

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator installation

Installation of a Fluidampr harmonic damper.

Not really an installation guide, but my New to Nitrous overview of how nitrous systems work

Spohn torque arm installation

Wheel hub replacement

Adjusting Pinion Angle

Installing brake cooling ducts

Installing springs and shocks

Of course, there are other great installation sites. The mother of all install sites is Project TransAM, and Brent Franker also has a great one here. Brent also has a great appearance guide, linked below. Hot Rods and Horsepower has a very nice write-up called 101 Tech Tips, that isn't specific to the f-body, or even EFI cars, but there's great stuff in there.

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