Rock Walls

These "gravity walls" are pretty common in the Sacramento area. I think we've got so much rock that some genius finally figured out how to get a wall made of a pile of rocks held up by gravity to meet the building code. It's kind of fun watching this guy work, spinning rocks around to find a nice fit, then setting them carefully on the wall.

Cutting in for the wall next to the driveway

Finished wall at the driveway.

This is the second wall, under the North wing. It's taller - eleven feet.

Finished wall below Gwen's den.

We're running into major issues with rock, there's way more around than I can use to make a planter or two. Some of it is getting hauled away.

One last wall to do, below the west wing.

There we have it, the walls are done, this is the view up the property from the back.