We're using a three-coat stucco on the house, a total of about an inch thick by the time we're done. The final coat is an epoxy-based color coat, which will have the white color imbedded in the material, which is supposed to be more permanent than paint. There were a bunch of guys on this job, for what seemed like a month by the time they papered and chicken-wired meticulously, then spray on the stucco.

Paper going on

Chicken wire (I'm sure there is some more technical term for it)

The eaves are covered with a material called "Densglass", which is like an extremely hard drywall. It only gets the final color coat of stucco.

The deck posts get boxed in to make them appear larger, then wrapped for stucco

Cover all the windows and doors, this is going to be messy!

One guy sprays the stucco, everyone on deck for helping. The first coat goes on rough so the second coat will be able to grab on to it.

The second coat is pretty smooth.

TThe final color coat is troweled smooth.