The Lot

After much searching, we finally found a lot we like. So many were too small, too steep, and just too *wrong* for us. This one is 1.5 acres, of which the bottom (downhill) side is required to stay "natural", and the top half can be used for building. We'll put in a long fence to give the boys room to explore.

Mike Witt and Greg Nickless of Prodigy Homes have been hugely helpful in helping us decide to buy this lot. They helped on a prior attempt to purchase a lot, and they stepped up to get some engineering and grading preliminary estimates for this lot. The terrain is pretty rough, and we wanted the best confidence we could get that a single story home could be built here before we dropped down our hard-earned cash. Convinced of success, we made an offer for purchase, and negotiated a fair price.

Oh boy, what have we done...

Lot as seen from the street above... hard to tell what's back there

Once you're down on the property

Dave's favorite rocks, our own miniature Stonehenge

View to the South, the lot extends all the way to the road you see

View to the north toward the lake, the lot doesn't extend to the lake :)