Finally, after a couple months' delay, we're working on the foundation! We managed to get all the forms in just about the same time the building permit was issued, and we started to pour concrete a week or so later on November 20th. At this point, we've poured about 120 yards of concrete in the west wing, and expect to pour the north wing after Thanksgiving, and the slabs soon thereafter.

Rob, doing his thing with string.

Wow, some action!

Forms for the north wing

The foundations for the deck support posts go down to original ground (about 8ft deep) and are tied to the house foundation to keep pressure off the gravity wall.

Forms going in for the west wing and basement

About 200 yards of concrete are going to flow through that hose

It was a dark and stormy day, when we started the pour. These folks mix the concrete right here at the lot, with trucks of sand and gravel arriving all day. It's cheaper, and we have none of the worries about whether the mix will be too dry or wet as it travels to us in trucks.

Cleaning up the pour on the west wing, looking at the basement level

West wing, basement pad.

Done - we can even drive around the circular driveway! Note the colored concrete in the garages - that's the same color the driveway will be.