Steel Deck

This deck has been one of the key components of the architecture of the house. It's a steel and concrete deck, build in the same way a skyscraper is built, with large steel beams creating the framework, a "pan" laid on top of the steel, and concrete poured in the pan to create the walking surface. The design has the entire deck supported on 3" x 3" vertical posts lined down the center, like a monorail. It will then have horizontal bolts from the deck to the house, to elliminate lateral movement.

Again with the big crane, this time from the street below

The roofers kept a cautious eye out for swinging steel

This is the second bridge on the property, and spans 28ft between posts

As we come around the kitchen side, the deck drops almost to ground level, where we'll have it merge with a concrete landing and sidewalk the rest of the way around the house

Painting the deck with an epoxy-based paint, to avoid rust. The prime coat was red...

All the vertical railing posts were welded to the deck, so they'd be captured within the concrete when we poured.




Railing top

Stringing the stainless cable

The final result