Exterior Walls and Flatwork

We have an endless number of block retaining walls (which will eventually be faced with stone) around the property. For several months we had guys out digging and pouring the foundations, then cutting and laying the block for these walls.

Jack-hammering some rock out of the way

Cutting block

Laying the first course of block

Walls up the sides of the driveway

Just slice off the top of the blocks at a nice angle!

Then fill the wall with concrete

Finally pouring the driveway

Sidewalk connecting to the deck in back

The front porch extends from the driveway to the door, and is the third bridge at the property. This one is a concrete structure built much like a freeway overpass.

Builing the structure for the front porch

This structure is all temporary, and will be removed once the concrete hardens

Down come the frms - the bridge stayed up!

Slate on the entry bridge and porch

Stainless railing going in on front porch